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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
I like your level headed thinking!

but I really hope you don't get caught up in a situation like this and something really bad happens! maybe you will change your level of thought and patience. hey who know when your in a difficult situation
Well I'd never put 22s on any vehicle I own for starters
And I do sympathize with your situation
And I do understand the situation of ADV as well
But I think at this stage they need to set a deadline
If by X date we don't have the wheel, we'll offer you Y

I just feel this thread has turned into a witch hunt
And I don't think it's fair to totally ruin a companies reputation for what they claim is a small number of defects any more than I think it's mean to say BMWs reputation stinks because one of their suppliers sent them some below par parts.

I hope they either get you the part soon, or offer something else.