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I was offered the car and declined(he got it for about 40k) in October of last year. Here are some normal pics of the color which looks like a Camry. Also large dent in the rear quarter panel area, wonder how he fixed it.
If it weren't for you posting these pictures no one would have ever learned of the paint work. BAT has lost major credibility. How could you have confidence to buy a BAT car after this ?
Not sure this ultimately matters. Caveat emptor applies regardless of the auction house.

Even brand new cars are allowed to be sold as new if the dealer repairs damage in transit and it doesn't have to be disclosed.

The paint work looks good and if this guy didn't do the work himself nobody would've known if it weren't for internet detectives. I'm sure 50% of the cars on BaT have some back story or bodywork that isn't being disclosed. I bought my car and found dog hair under the seats before discovering the PO had a pet.

If someone really wants a not-quite silver stone E92 with very low miles it's a unique car.
I understand your point, but here both auction and seller were aware of this and it was not disclosed. I am surprised and disappointed that BAT did not disclose this. They have lost credibility in my mind.

Also, yes you can buy a new car that was previously damaged, but a dealer is obligated to disclose at a certain $ level. Further, they are obligated to disclose if you ask.
You're assuming the seller was being honest when he said he disclosed the paint work to BAT and they omitted it from the listing.

I don't believe the seller.
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