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Originally Posted by MontyB1 View Post
Lewis hasn't had the superior car all this season though has he that has been obvious. And when in your other comment you mention that rules are biased towards one team or another I take it thats a joke?

Both have come up with new and innovative features, flexi wings, both, Clever steering, Merc and many more for them to be stopped or allowed for a season due to how clever they have been.

F1 has been like that for years as has any other motorsport, you make the most of what you have. Spending isn't all that dissimilar either when you look at the spending across RB+Toro and Merc so thats not the big issue you state. If it was Ferrari the biggest spender of the lot would be winning as they have the biggest budget and have for decades and where are they?
Sure Merc seemingly didn't have a superior car earlier on then look what they had on the shelf waiting in such an event and also the dirties against Max via Bot and Ham, nothing much was made out of that as to Max's defending now...look what Bernie has to say about it.
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