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Cool Complete S65 Cooling Package for E9X M3

Just in time for these hot temps – Everything needed to keep the E9X M3 cool, all in one package.

Exclusively from CSF

• Triple-Pass Radiator
• Transmission Cooler
• Engine Oil Cooler
• Power Steering Cooler

All products are a “drop-in fit” with no modifications necessary to install.

Tested and proven by:
• Yost Autosport's endurance racecar
• MotoIQ and Pure Performance on the track in 100-degree weather
• Tyspeed at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb
• & More

CSF High-Performance Triple-Pass Radiator (CSF#7059)
• 2-Row 42mm Core (Dual Core) Featuring CSF’s B-Tubes
• Ultra-Efficient 6.5mm Tall Fins w/ Multi-Louvered Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
• CNC Machined “Quick Connects,” Brackets, & Fittings
• All-Aluminum Race Style Drain Plug
• 1-Hour “Mirror Finish” Hand Polish

CSF DCT/6 Spd. Transmission Oil Cooler (CSF#8042) VS. OEM
• Industry’s Only Drop-in Fit Upgrade – World’s 1st True “Plug-And-Play” Transmission Cooler for The E9X M3 Platform
• ~30% More Efficient
• ~20% More Surface Area w/ High-Density Multi-Louvered Fin Design
• Dual-Pass High-Performance Core with 11 Cooling Tubes vs. OEM 10 Tube Design
• Made with CSF’s AC Condenser Technology Using a 1-Row Super-High Pressure 22mm Wide 11-Channel Microtube

CSF Race-Spec Oil Cooler (CSF#8025)
• The Only Cooler Available on the Market Today that Requires No Cutting of Shroud
• Fully TIG-Welded Cast-Endtank Design vs. OEM Mechanically Jointed and Tack-Welded Design
• Tapered Design – No Issues with Aftermarket Splitter Attachment
• Turbulated, Heavy-Duty Bar/Plate Design – the Most Reliable & Durable Oil Cooler Available for the S65
• 8 Rows of Cooling w/ a High Density Multi-Louvered Fin Design

CSF Dual-Pass Power Steering Cooler (CSF#8041)
• CAB-Brazed High-Efficiency Plate-Type Design vs. OEM Low Efficiency Mechanically Bonded Core Design
• ~83% More Surface Area – 6-Row Design
• ~40% More Efficient
• Increase in Unit Size (Total 83mm or 3.27” in Height) – Works with any Aftermarket Supercharger, Heat Exchanger, or Auxiliary Coolers
• World’s 1st True “Plug-and-Play” Power Steering Cooler for the E9X M3 Platform


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Proven and validated by CSF's R&D partner, Yost Autosport's E92 M3 at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race
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