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Windows Live replaces the old Windows Messenger. Actually it's now Windows Live Messenger. And maybe you know is now Microsoft's bigger better search engine in competition with Google. Sooooooooooo essentially a lot of crap got rebranded.

Not sure what to tell you... perhaps try uninstalling Windows Messenger and try again. I don't remember it trying to setup any security or Messenger stuff when I signed up for hotmail (more on that below).

A little offtopic but just to give you an idea of how far-reaching this crap is: in order to setup an XBOX Live (XBL) account you're forced into signing up for a hotmail account to link to your XBL gamertag. Way to boost the number of Live (err hotmail, umm I'm confused) accounts. At least this is what I faced when I got my 360... in the past I was using a non-hotmail address for XBL!
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