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Originally Posted by achenator View Post
The buyer was a little premature in asking for the VIN after coming in with a lowball like that. IMO that comes after he sees the car, and we agree on price. THEN he gets the vin # to do with what he wishes.
You've got it a bit out of order. Running a background check before spending the time and gas money to drive out to see a car is absolutely acceptable.

Originally Posted by ericld View Post
Obviously the best thing you could have done would be to ignore the lowball offer and not reply, but this guy seemed boisterous from the word "go" by lowballing by thousands and demanding your vin.
Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
I find it incredibly rude for somebody to offer $13K less than what you're asking and presumptuously demand the VIN before speaking with you.
Where in this initial e-mail was the VIN demanded? He just simply asked for it to run an initial check on the car before planning on going to see it in person. Most buyers will do this.

To: seller
Sent: Thursday, October 1, 2009 3:29:23 PM
Subject: Your M3 for sale


I'm interested in purchasing your M3. I saw the car listed on Car For Sale. I'm located here in Arlington.

I am offering you $45k. May I have your VIN number as well? I need to check for warranty and repair work.