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Originally Posted by marksae View Post
I bought my M3 last year right when the 1M's started selling here in the US. I actually really wanted one for a while until I realized they were going to be impossible to get at a decent price. So I ended up picking up my E90 instead. I think I would have been happy with either car. Each car has its own unique features that makes it cool.

I've been a long time turbo car owner. Been driving evos and DSM's for the last 14 years, so I do miss a turbo car's power delivery. But I love having top end too! I'm guessing the N54's lack of top end can be fixed with larger turbos. Turbo cars appeal to me because they're usually pretty easy to extract extra power via turning up the boost. I salivate at the thought of a driving a turbo car with top end and RWD.
Apprecite the point of few.

Originally Posted by TVMA Doc View Post
No, my kids have legs...among other reasons.
This is a second car so that doesn't really matter.

Originally Posted by VVG View Post
Why do you want to do this?
Wanting the S65 along with the interior room and the more luxurious feel

Originally Posted by Oaktree View Post
Don't do a trade. Sell your 1M, make a little money then find a used M3. Be ready for a change, two totally different cars. The 1M was fun at all speeds and the M3 feels more like a GT car. The other change is the luxury you get with the M3, the 1M felt cheap. Make sure you know what you want more.
The 1M is indeed fun but feeling more for a GT as you have mentioned.

Originally Posted by McKennaBMW View Post
You're better off selling the 1M separately from purchasing the M3. Regardless, both are great choices.
May just go this route.

Originally Posted by 767IJP View Post
Amazing car no doubt but I think it's horrendous looking. No doubt it's more than capable but it looks like it was in the star wars trash compactor and R2D2 was late on the shut down.
Funny point of view.