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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
Great, thank you for confirming this. Im just wanted to be 100% certain before I touch anything in my car. I will look for the thin black wire behind the idrive. The other location you speak off sounds nice, but what left side? Faceing front or back of car left side? I assume you mean driver side?
Driver side is the left side.

The thin black wire runs via the left side of the car towards the back of the roof, where the antenna amplifier is. The thin black wire turns on the antenna amplifier.

VP Electricity found that wire in the harness behind the left corner cushion of the back seat. That cushion is located behind the left rear chest seat belt. If you have folding seats then that cushion is removable. If there is no folding seats then the cushion is part of the whole back seat.

And since ive seen this asked more than once, I will make a DIY for the others. Just seems silly that no one has made one. Considering you answer 98% of the technical questions, perhaps this might help you too. So your not repeating yourself a million times.

Thanks for the help!
Thanks, that will help owners of the Logic7, EPS and Stereo systems looking for the OEM remote wire.