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The question is whether you want to materially increase your lap times. A good coilover setup will yield a 1.5-2 sec improvement on a 2 min road course. One of the weaknesses of the M3 is its tendency to understeer. Stiffening the front vs rear anti-roll bar will increase your mid-corner understeer, which is not a desirable trait. Stiffening the rear seems like a lot of work for marginal improvement.

Same concept applies to springs and camber plates...running softer front springs vs rear reduces understeer, running more front camber also reduces understeer. In my experience, the more understeer is reduced, the better the feel/confidence. Some body roll is not an undesirable characteristic as helps smooth transitions and helps put power down to the rear. The more you can get power down to the rear, the earlier you can get on the throttle. Especially with a low tq/high revving motor, corner exit speed is critical to improving lap times.

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