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Originally Posted by WCH View Post
Lucid - Thanks for letting me be there when you got your car and be jealous in person.
It's been great to hang out with you. Glad we connected through this forum.

Originally Posted by WCH View Post
I got to be the "chase car" for a while in my X5. The car sounds amazing from behind. When Lucid pushed the revs, the X5 was no match - I even hit the rev limiter on the X5 trying to keep up for one short section.
And I wasn't even pushing it beyond 5500rpms the whole day. It felt so awkard to back off at that point. But I am guilty of going full throttle at times. I just couldn't help it. I had to see what that would do. I'm going to take it easy during the rest of the break-in though. My friend Mark, the third car in our little delivery convoy, couldn't keep up either and he was driving a well-chipped '02 S4.