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Originally Posted by bartman314 View Post
i had snow tires on and the pavement was wet.
I also run winter tires here in the Northeast, and they certainly have better traction than summer tires at low temperatures, even in the dry. But I've been surprised by just how slick the roads can be when running proper winter tires in wet conditions and 35-40 degrees F. Not ice or black ice, but just wet. Especially with this relatively neutral/tail-happy car.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Was your M5 a manual or SMG? If he spun a manual car and stalled it (sounds like he did)...then he could have spun the engine backwards. Not good.

I don't think you can spin the engine backwards in a DCT car. I've spun a couple of times and it has never stalled. Its so IDIOT proof! Not sure if the SMG is the same way...I would guess that it is.
I think you're right, Jae. At least that was my impression when I spun last summer on track in my DCT car and slid backwards for a bit on pavement. The car kept running, didn't stall, and didn't throw any error codes. Here's proof. The action happens around 1:06:

Originally Posted by bartman314 View Post
i have an hpde on my to do list. :-)
Excellent. You'll love it. Very fun and educational, and very worthwhile.
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