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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
Mid-April to now I'm down 29.42%
I was at a high point around then so some loss of profits is to be expected and I kind of just sat through things thinking when I get a chance to get back into the markets I'll even things out.

What sucks is in the past month I'm down 15-18%, so I think it's time to take action and not let my account sit around.

I need to either withdraw and re-invest when I have more time or I need to start watching the markets again. The problem is that I don't have enough time to properly keep track of things and make informed decisions and I usually never enter a trade unless I'm very confident.

I preferred the buy and sit tight for a year type of trades since I've been too busy and I guess my usual picks are no longer the right picks. Apple taking a nose-dive and being one of my larger holdings doesn't help my situation either haha.

PS: I'm not a pro/skilled trader by any means
Apple took a huge hit. From $700 to low $500. They just hit 6 month low today. It's really a tough call. Some analysts are saying that AAPL will bounce back primarily because a uptrend is coming from higher high and higher lows. Other think otherwise.

Among the prominent bears is Doubleline Capital CEO Jeff Gundlach, who predicted on Thursday that Apple stock would continue all the way down to $425. He said thatís about where AAPL was when it started its dramatic climb in January, and he expects it to return to those levels.

Gundlach is down on Apple because he thinks the Cupertino, CA-based companyís new products are no longer cutting edge.