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This thread is dead...where are all the active traders at?

Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
Good luck. You should be good with that one. SLV may dip below 30 in the near term but I reckon it should head north after. I think the US wants oil prices to come down and when oil prices come down Silver and Gold should also come down as well as commodities move together at times.
I see a short term target of $32 and long term of $34. Wish I picked up more SLV at $30.

Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
I've taken a pretty solid beating from about April until now. Pretty much because I had no time to longer manage my account and I kind of let things sit how they are hoping for the best.

Horrible decision! I ended up taking a huge hit and am now trying to decide whether I take my losses and pull out or whether I make a game plan and get back on top of things.
I would hold it and see how the market responds. It has already been down 7% since Obama has been reelected. The question is where is the bottom and when it will bounce back?