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Originally Posted by Landru View Post
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FREE AUTO CHECK, JD Power/NADA Auction list, and detailed NADA VIN item list

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm offering up three free reports for anyone looking to buy a used/new vehicle and needs to know specifics about the VIN item list, weekly/monthly auction rates in your local region, and an Experian Auto Check - ALL FREE. Through various subsidiaries and car related ventures, I am a JD Power/Nada access holder.

What do you need from me to make this happen?!?!

1: PM me the VIN of the vehicle you are trying to buy/lookup and the associated mileage.
2: PM me the region the car or area you are trying to buy. Mountain, Central, Eastern Regions, etc. I can also look up by state if you'd prefer that.
3: Give me a bit of time (usually within a few hours) and I'll send you over the following reports - examples below!

First Report - Auto Check - everyone has seen a CarFax, and JD Power/Nada now use Auto Check (they changed from CarFax a few years ago). It doesn't catch everything, but neither does CarFax all the time.

Second Report - Auctions - This is what weekly/monthly wholesale auctions go for around the country (example I chose Mountain Region). This allows you to see what dealers are usually getting at whole sale markets that we as consumers usually don't have access. With this info, you can extrapolate what you might expect to pay over wholesale prices. Please take into consideration the current feeding frenzy of used car sales.

Third Report - VIN Detail List - This should be a breakdown of every optional equipment, exterior, interior, mechanical, safety, recalls, tech specs, etc. of the vehicle VIN you've provided me.

But Duke, why are you doing this, what's in it for you!?!
Good question, two reasons; A- NO ONE should be profiting from people whom are trying to navigate the complex world of car buying, especially those whom are new to the BMW world and B- If you are trying to profit....F you.

Hit me up if you require FREE VIN checks and auto reports, thanks peeps!

Will any of these databases help me locate a current owners address?

I am trying to locate my first car and idk the rules around such information
No, nothing I can get will ever have first owners address. The best you MIGHT be able to do is pull up where the car was serviced (if they have the location which it's 50/50 at best) and call the dealership and beg them to at least forward a message from you to the previous owner on file. They have 0% duty to do something like this for you, but you could get lucky and at least have them get in contact with the owner and then the onus is on the owner to get back in contact with you.

Unless you work at the DMV, you'll never be able to find out that information and even if you do it's felony for using those systems in a personal capacity.

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