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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
I have had the recent pleasure of having my differential or subframe (that is the sound its coming from) start clunking at slow speeds when stopping or just stabbing the gas. Basically any change in torque forward or backward. I read about a ton of different bmws and 3 series of past having this and there is a mention of a service bulletin but nowhere to be found. Anyone know the bulletin or specific cause of this for this model?

On last model they replaced the flange on the drive shaft but that was for a 46.

I checked my diff bolts and while 1 was loose, it did not fix the problem after tightening. Otherwise car performs perfectly and no problems or sounds at speed.

Never launched, never had wheel hop and barely do any 1st gear pulls, so bulk of my "hard driving" are second gear pulls so I do not think too aggressive of a force has caused any of this.

I could care less about the sound but it soundsl ike something is actually loose when clunking around. Its not a transmission "slam" either.
My diff started making noises similar to what you are describing at about 3,000 miles. Took it back to the dealer and they changed the diff fluid to a different grade. No problems since then.

Absolutely take it in to get it checked out.