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Originally Posted by Cyclone Chris View Post
Snow should fall tomorrow so the wife and I drove about 50 miles to get dinner today. Lol. She is now tucked away asleep.
Would that be your wife or the car?

Originally Posted by Cyclone Chris
BTW. How in the hell do you put the car in Park? I put it in Neutral and it kept bitching at me to put her in park.
Not sure about why it's bitching at you, but, it automatically goes to park (P) when you turn off the engine. You don't move any levers or push any buttons to get to park. There is a way to keep it in neutral with the engine off. That's so it can go through a car wash.
To avoid surprises at the wrong time, I suggest a tour of the the manual. With a DCT and Nav, the thing is very complicated and some things are a lot different than what you may be used to.