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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
He's trying to clean up the mess Bush left, remember?
No sane person would expect a complete turnaround in 12 months or anything, but really, how long can this old line still hold water with the electorate?

I mean really, at some point, you gotta be accountable, step up, and say that righting the ship is now up to me, and I can no longer use the excuse that the previous guy left a really big mess.

What if Obama gets re-elected, and we get 4 more years of gridlock because he still cant get congress to do anything, because he thinks his responsibility to his 2 daughters exceeds his responsibility to over 300 million American people...

So then, in 2016, the personal net worth of the average or median person will still not have recovered to pre-Obama levels, and maybe the unemployment rate wont have recovered to pre-Obama levels either? What will the Democrats say then? Please elect our new candidate (whoever that is), because we're still cleaning up Bush's mess? How long will that go on? Will I still even be alive by the time they stop pulling out that excuse?