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Originally Posted by SS32 View Post
Science never proved that the earth was flat and it never proved that we revolved around the sun. Some people had ideas, and others believed them, but there was never any data to support it. In fact, when Galileo had proof of the contrary he was placed under house arrest under threat of being judged by the Inquisition by the church and his writings were banned.
I'm glad someone called bullshit on OldArmy's claims. First of all, science never "proves" anything; it either supports or disproves a theory. Yes, at one time people assumed the earth was flat, and if you go back far enough, civilization didn't understand much of anything, and attributed it all to gods or spirits. And now OldArmy says that all the unexplained phenomena in the world must be from the hand of God, but he's doing exactly what the ancient no-nothings did.

It would seem just the opposite is true; things that we previously chalked-up to faith have now been explained by science, and so it'll be going forward. And BTW, Aristotle developed the concept of the planets and planetary motion back in the 300's BC, and it stood for nearly 2 millenia. It's due to religion and lack of science that Aristotle's knowledge got lost among greater civilization until Galileo.

And yes, childbirth is amazing and wonderful, but seeing marsupials do the same thing sort of kills the "miraculousness" of it for me.