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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
"Science" and popularly accepted fact once proved that the earth was flat, it also proved that the earth revolved around the sun. I wouldn't place any "faith" in what we have currently decided we "know".

For the logical, science and direct observation folks--try answering any of the most profound "why" questions. You'll soon run out of our very sparse facts and miniscule understanding of the universe. Only leaves one way to put it all in a perspective understandable by humans--faith.

Ever been in the delivery room for the birth of your very own child? Of course there is a "God".
Science never proved that the earth was flat and it never proved that we revolved around the sun. Some people had ideas, and others believed them, but there was never any data to support it. In fact, when Galileo had proof of the contrary he was placed under house arrest under threat of being judged by the Inquisition by the church and his writings were banned.