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Originally Posted by Gregxi View Post
He doesn't cry, he just has that Eli look.
He has the perfect demeanor for New York, nothing ever seems to phase him, he just keeps going.
He will probably never reach his brothers stats but he will have more rings,lots more
Well if the "Eli look" is pouting and looking like he's going to cry, then I think we're talking about the same face. He just always looks like a fat kid whose Mom just told him he's not going trick-or-treating for Hallowe'en. He also hangs his head a lot.

How do they plan on winning lots more rings? To be honest, I haven't been paying tons of attention to them this year, but they have two good backs, some stellar receiving performances, a decent QB, and a helluva pass rush.... So how are they 8-7? Not trying to troll, I just haven't been keeping up with other teams' dilemmas who we don't play this year.

That being said, I'm rooting for the Cowboys. I'd rather play them than the New York Football Giants. Of course that doesn't matter so much if we don't win and Atlanta does win though.