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Originally Posted by Icedog_16 View Post
You're like talking to a wall - except a wall has better comprehension and makes more sense - so there is no point saying ad nauseam that the UN resolutions both justified and authorized our actions in 2003.

Your incoherent ramblings are filled with vitriol and hatred for self and for country. If you hate it so much, you're always free to leave. That's right, you're free - free as a result of all of the atrocities you've mentioned that our country has perpetrated in an effort to ensure that you remain that way. It's obvious (not that it wasn't before) that no amount of factual evidence or anything else will make you see things how they really are.

BTW, you may want to see someone for that self-loathing - you have one of the worst cases I've EVER seen. With that and with my deepest sympathies, I bid you adieu. calling

I can go ahead and prove that your brain is nothing bigger than of the monkey I have done it before for a few on this forum), or try to reason with you.

If the whole world acknowledges our wrong doing in Iraq, if none of the developed countries chose to join us in the 2003 effort in Iraq, and if they did not approve it -- why would your small brain think that it was OK to do so???

Again and again -- your sources are "facts" to you -- not to majority of the rest or majority of people on this board.

Same as my sources may be meaningless to you, get it?

I assume your self ego will not allow you to understand that there is much more out there than a group of you still trying to prove something so obvious... Or maybe, there is only a few of you smart out there?