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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Over and over -- you fall for the media/our Government/Foreign Government crap that you accept as the true situation.

The Atom Bombs in Japan may be shown here as the "savior" operation -- not elsewhere.
The "NATO" engagement in Yugoslavia would have not happened if the USA did not push for it (due to Albanian lobbying in DC) -- Europe was strongly against it before that. No UN approval was issued.
Majority of critical attrocities commited by "NATO" forces were actually done by the US pilots -- coincidence?
Yes, Iraq invaded Kuwait -- the actions of the USA in 1991 were approved by the UN, and supported by the majority members. I am talking 2003 -- when the gov't lied to the public with PPT slides, when there was NO approval and whe, in the end it was proven that all that Bush claimed were simple lies -- no Al Qaeda ties, no WMD, no nothing except a bad dictator that tortured his own, never did anything bad directly to the USA and so on...

Somalia -- peacekeeping mission -- you're funny. That is what we wanted it to look like before got our asses kicked out of there...

Again, your links are pointless -- I can give you just the opposite ones that may seem ridiculous to you...

The bottom line is where we are today, what the world thinks of us today and what is the future for us....

The violence in Iraq is (hopefully) down, although, it is emerging again. However, the real stuff we were after following the events of 9/11 is out there -- barely touched and the mastermind is who knows where.

I see other MUCH less equipped police/military arresting war criminals daily somewhere in Europe...and the allmighty USA cannot capture a guy that killed 3000 of innocent in one day...7 years later...sad...
You're like talking to a wall - except a wall has better comprehension and makes more sense - so there is no point saying ad nauseam that the UN resolutions both justified and authorized our actions in 2003.

Your incoherent ramblings are filled with vitriol and hatred for self and for country. If you hate it so much, you're always free to leave. That's right, you're free - free as a result of all of the atrocities you've mentioned that our country has perpetrated in an effort to ensure that you remain that way. It's obvious (not that it wasn't before) that no amount of factual evidence or anything else will make you see things how they really are.

BTW, you may want to see someone for that self-loathing - you have one of the worst cases I've EVER seen. With that and with my deepest sympathies, I bid you adieu.