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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
Hey since most pre-approval letters for financing from the bank are only good for 90 days AND BMW-NA has yet to even release the price or let anyone place any mil-sales money; for those of you financing how are you going to get you financing re-done? Did your bank give you a special exended purchase letter of credit or are you all just reapplying or robbing banks in the interim while you wait for your cars?

Curious as I have a June 08 build/delivery date according to my PO but my Letter of Credit from my bank was Sept 07; obviously WELL outside the 90 days! LOL
To answer someone above, auto sales tax rate in Texas is 6.25%

As for pre-approvals, you should know basically if you qualify or not. If you are nervous about it, you will have to get pre-approval twice probably, because as you said, they are only good for 90 days. I will be applying for my PA 60 days out or so...worked last time.
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