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Originally Posted by budmanv24
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Maybe you can't answer this, but I'm curious to know what they are suing your for.
From their letter:

Second, because of your demand letter, we have incurred costs of over $1500.00. The buyer of the car, once he received your correspondence, indicated that he did not want to purchase the vehicle. We ask that your client pay Autodynamics $1500.00 dollars. If he does not we will be forced to undertake whatever legal remedies that are available to us. Frankly, we have been more than professional with your client. While he as rebuffed all offers and made negative comments on Ebay regarding my client. We ask that he pay us the sum of $1500.00 and remove all negative comments on Ebay regarding Autodynamics. We ask that this be done in 14 days.

Ali Fazel

Scardino & Fazel

Attorneys at Law

Sweeney, Coombs & Fredericks Bldg.

1004 Congress St., 3rd Floor

Houston, Texas 77002

Tel: 713-229-9292
It's a sad joke of a bluff. They have no legal right to sue you for your negative comments, maybe only if it was under a false idea. They broke a contract under Ebays policy. If u get an attorney he will murder them in court.