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Originally Posted by chocstraw View Post
This is a perfectly optioned car and you got a screaming deal on this. I am jealous. One of the best deals I've seen in this thread.
Thank you. As always, I have to first express thanks to BOOF-M3 for using up many hours out of his life over at least a year of searching to help me shop for this car. It was the precise spec I had been looking for, and had nearly every mod I'd wanted to buy. Gotta laugh - while I waited for it to arrive I made a list of things I'd want to add to it, but when it came off the trailer I started checking things off the list until all that remained was test pipes and a tune. Of course, that means I just had to make a new list.

The build is just part of it though...

I knew the car had a show history but I couldn't find out any details. The dealers weren't any help nor did they have any obligation to me to provide any info, and I have to respect that they were protecting the previous owner. It was completely by chance that I found a tiny piece of info left on the car - a decal covering one of the hub emblems! - that finally gave me the clue I needed to track down the PO. Once I did I looked into the car's history via posts and shared photos I learned just how carefully he had taken care of this car. The paint has basically never touched air since shortly after he took delivery due to the PPF, and then it spent most of its life wrapped in vinyl so after the first couple of years or so the paint never saw sunlight either.

I'm still trying to figure out what products the guy used to keep the leather looking new and smelling new. At nearly 8 years old the interior appeared to have just left Regensburg. The seats honestly looked like they'd never been sat in, whereas I had the usual "shallow wrinkle" we all get in the driver's seat within a couple of months. I'd say he probably rode passenger in a car next to this one and leaned in the window to steer it but I doubt he ever opened the windows, so he must have driven from a hammock supported by the clothes hooks.

Seriously, not a particle of dust anywhere in or on the car, not a flake of debris, or any oxidation. That can't have been the dealership "get ready" department, though they did a great job. The only thing I found wrong were two small 90 degree pieces of sealing rubber under the hood had turned white, and the windshield molding had turned up at the top left corner.

Ooh, its busted, return it for a refund.

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