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I don't think I would have signed a peace deal with Germany if having successfully invaded the UK in 1941 they gave us back all our land barring London and Essex. OK so its 90+%, but its totally unaccptable.

BTW if any of the countries surrounding Israel says "we want to remove it from the map" could they actually do so by force? Even Iran if it had a few nukes couldn't use them.

Here's the scenario. Iran wants its version of Islam to dominate the middle east and beyond in modern-day caliphate. It manages to develop a small number of nuclear warheads. Would it test them on Tel Aviv as Israel alleges? Knowing that the Israeli response would be to carpet bomb Iran with its much larger arsenal of (also illegal) nuclear weapons? So the threat to Israel is that Iran's mullahs are suicidal.....

If I ran Iran I'd want nukes. They are strategically threatened by a hostile Israel armed to the teeth with NuchemBio. They are threatened by America which has bases in close proximity. It is close neighbours to nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, with the latter plagued by a growing insurrection from Al Qaeda. Why wouldn't they want weapons of their own? Ideally Israel, India and Pakistan wouldn't have them, but they do.