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What I don't understand is how the pro-Israeli lobby always screams anti-semitism at anyone who criticises their government. Its not - in my case its genuine concern. I actually agree with the concept of a Jewish homeland, Lord knows they need somewhere safe after centuries of oppression and murder in Europe.

But that does not give Israel the right to do what it likes - an eye for an eye is not valid in international law. And its utterly counter-productive. They keep going on about missiles fired into border towns, and that must be hell. But would missiles be fired if a Palestinian state existed and the militants were busy with jobs an families? Look at Northern Ireland. The PIRA (thanks for funding their murderous bombing and shooting campaigns all those years America....) vowed to never stop until Ireland was united. And yet they have stopped because a peace settlement that both sides can live with was hammered out.

Israel needs to talk peace and accept that the only settlement on offer is one based around its recognised borders. Until it retreats inside the green line it is essentially screwed. It can't defeat an idea militarility, it will never have peace for its own people until it sues for peace with its enemies. Its tactics are futile, blinkered and bring woe on a people who deserve peace.