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My thoughts so far this season

So, as a Colt's fan I'm especially worried this season, a lot moreso than i was in 08. you don't even have to like football to understand what #18 means to our organization. All this talk about Favre is damn funny IMO. Bill Polian/Jim Irsay don't bring in free agent s that we NEED to fill key spots (CB/S anyone???), why the hell would they go after an old crusty QB who wouldn't do any better than a 50% manning? lol

This preseason just further advocates why preseason is completely useless. Colts (as an example) never do well in preseason, but have won 7/8 division titles in the past 8 years. You risk injuries to key players. The games are P O I N T L E S S!!! If you say otherwise, you'relying to yourself! You get maybe 3-4 first-team drives, then the coaches start putting in the guys who are fighting for a spot on the roster. I don't want to watch 3rd string RBs who won't even make speical teams or even practice squad! Give me meaningful football!! /off soapbox

Offseason moves have been for the record books!!! Eaagles made a lot of big name moves, but only a couple will make an impact (the 2 i'm thinking of are obviously DRC and Asomugha...that's gonna be sick to watch). Why was Vince Young touted so much coming into the preseason? Did ANYONE watch what happened in Tennessee? So far they're not living up to the hype, but again it's PRESEASON. Plax to the Jets rounded out that WR corps very nicely IMO. Haynesworth played ONE season in his entire career, and got fucking PAID. he's (IMO) the MOST overrated player in the league. Ochocinco to the Pats blew my mind at first, but makes sense after thinking more about it. I hate it, as a Colts fan, but BB and Kraft are very good at filling roster spots and making trades. Just look at their last 4 or so drafts...

Being in Korea doesn't help me get my fix of football since games don't come on until Sunday night around midnight...but yes, I stay up.

take all of this as my personal opinion. I'm just ready for damn season to start already!!!!!!!!!!