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Originally Posted by Coltgus View Post
Understand their cost is around 93.5% of MSRP because of the gas guzzler tax. They aren't going to do a deal without something like $1,000-$2,000 over their cost. In my case their cost was $68,020. It is counter productive to offer something under their cost for a 2013. Know their cost, know what credits you're entitled to, offer something reasonable, and they'll take it.
That doesnt sound right to me. Also, dont dealers usually have their cars on consignment from corporate (i.e. dealer doesnt actually lay out cash and buy every BMW on their lot).

Anyway, OP as I said earlier, just make an offer for what you think you should pay. Either you make a deal or you dont. If you are worried about lowballing or not being fair then just accept you will likely overpay.