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Originally Posted by red998 View Post
Touring Car driver vs Ex F1 driver
drag race- they should have switched at some point
drifting is natural to any F1 driver
F1 driver almost mounts the car in barrier wall (he is really pushing it) and is only .3 ahead?

The Mika should have skipped the drift test, he looked as if he would shit himself.
Bring in a real drifting driver from Japan to rip it up...

It almost felt like they wanted to AMG to win in the series.

At the end of the day, its up to what people want...
That's the way the automotive press works. The M3 they tested is how many years old? Fifth Gear doesn't want BMW to rest on their laurels, so they goad them with better reviews of other cars.

That's not to say that the Merc didn't win fair and square, just that if you watch patterns in automotive magazines and TV shows, you will notice that they push manufacturers buttons just a little harder during development of replacement vehicles. With the next gen M3/4 nearing completion, the automotive press is going to set BMW up for an epic return, because most in the automotive press really like BMW as a company and as a car. They're one of the last remaining independent makes that are driver-focused and still obtainable by a significant population.
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