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Am I crazy to attempt to drive US-50 in Nevada?

I'll likely need to move from Washington DC to SF next year. Along the way I'll be driving I-70 all the way to western Utah, at this point, google maps route me north to Salt Lake City and I-80, straight into California.

However, it is closer and likely more scenic to take US-50. The question is, is this do-able in an M3 given, our mpgs (22 hwy) and the need for top teir gas? Also, part of the reason for driving the road is blasting down an arrow straight desert highway at 100+mph, which wouldn't aide mpgs.

I know Delta, UT to Ely, NV (162 miles) has a Philips 66 station in the middle.
I think Ely to Austin (110 miles) is do-able with no stops, there is a Chevron in Ely, and Texaco in Austin.
Austin to Fallon (111 miles) is also do-able with no stops, and a low-tier station in the middle.

But I suppose as long as I stay above 12 mpgs in each stretch and gas up at each major checkpoint, I'll be okay right?