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Originally Posted by elmariachi View Post
Yeah thats exactly the train of thought I am having right now. If you noticed, the letter did not even offer me any option to reinstate the warrranty. I find that unusual for BMW to kick the customer one side and feel great about it. Oh I forgot, they should be. Ermmmmmm They are saving alot anyway. Nice fat bonus for work well done.

2 BMWs in 2 years that was fucked for me. 335 sold within 1 year because of wastegate issue that was not well done by the dealer. Had continual CEL lights and got rid of it. And now this. Is it just my luck or is BMW really focusing on cost cutting?

I used to think BMW really had great after sales support and customer service. With this, I wont ever touch another BMW as long as BMW Asia and my dealer is in the picture. Ah heck, my dealer lost the M division anyway. Thats 1 down. Fucking incompetent.
I can't see the letter. Most photo accounts are blocked on gov't computers.