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Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
Ouch. Sorry to hear that. I do think that if push came to shove they will have a very tough time proving your tune did anything to the engine/drivetrain.
I find it extremely disproportionate to void the drivetrain warranty when I have no problems with it now. BUT, it could be a problem down the road since they fucked that one big time with the wrong oil. I was quick not to drive off the car but to inform them they made a big mistake. Otherwise the whole gearbox would have imploded with just 1 redline. On hind sight, I should have not been polite enuff to inform them and wreck the whole gearbox then if I knew this was coming.

For sure they will have a hard time proving, since its only 2 lines of vague information on why they are voiding the car. And they took 3 days to make the decision after seeing the car. I find it extremely quick for otherwise reasons that dont prove anything beyond doubt.

Also, we dont have this kinda laws like the Magnuson Moss warranty to fall back on here since there is not much customer protection in places here.

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