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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Politics is about winning elections and it is a rare politician that will risk losing an election for what he believes is the truth.

No candidate is perfect and they all say things which they believe the voters want to hear. (John McCain speaking against ethanol in Iowa is a rare exception) You need to decide what issues are most important to you and which of the candidates will deal with those issues in a way that you believe makes sense based on their history and what they are saying on the campaign trail.

We live in a great age today where there is an abundance of information at our finger tips. Take the time to read up on the issues that concern you. There are any number of think tanks that publish their products on the internet. These think tanks run the ideological spectrum from the Brookings Institute to the Heritage Foundation. Read what each has to say about the issue. See whose policy prescriptions make more sense to you based on your own experiences. Determine which candidate is being advised by whom.

I would also take a look at the main stream political journals out there. The New Republic, The Nation, National Review, Commentary all have great writers and scholars who contribute articles. The blogs for each of these journals are also a great source for opposing arguments to what may be in the competing magazines.

I applaud your desire to learn about what is going on before you make your decision. Get beyond the headlines and you will at least have made an informed decision.
+1 Well said!
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