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I bought a US 2009 M3 (I am in Canada) back in October. I drove it for the month November and then put it away when the weather started to turn bad as I still have my E46 M3 Cab until the end of February when my lease will run out.

I had some battery issues yesterday (battery froze) and I fired up the E92 to get the winter tires on in case I needed to drive it while I sorted out the battery issue with the E46. When I fired it up, the increased emissions light came on.

I came across this thread by accident. Glad I did. I guess I will be taking the car to its first Canadian Dealership for warranty service. Thanks to the OP. Good post.
I posted this up about 6 months ago. When the car started doing this, it had been stored for about 3 months. After driving the car a bit and getting it to the proper operating temperature, it went away...until last Friday. On Friday, I started getting the light again. Twice, right at start up. Then the 3rd start, it went away again. Yay!

Yesterday afternoon, after sitting for 2 days over the weekend, the light came back. Also, when it was starting, it took a little longer to turn over. This indicates to me that there is an actual problem. Appointment has been booked for tomorrow morning. Will post when I the problem has been solved.

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