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Originally Posted by Romo View Post
I agree ont that, IF the car is ready, they want to sell it IMO. Waiting for 6 months, doesn`t sell a single M3, so from a marketing/company point of view it does not make any sense at all IMHO
You're probably right it does not seem to make much sense, but BMW likes to make sure a car is ready for the public and will not rush it's release just because of what the competition is doing. Other manufactures do this, but BMW like to make sure a car is ready and is as reliable as possible.

If they don't sell it right away it's because the car or factory tooling is not totally ready. If you remember, I think they introduced the N54 Twin turbo engine in Geneva last year (March I think), but the first car with it, the E92 was only available to delivery to customers in September and the E90 335i was kept under cover quite a bit and first deliveries where in October.

Originally Posted by Romo View Post
If not ready, they need 6 more months, that sucks off course, but if so, why show the M3 in march if it`s not ready to sell ??
It was the same thing with the E46 M3, they showed what they called the M3 Concept in Geneva (All windows tinted, including the Windshield) and 6 months later the final product in Frankfurt.

They took it around the world in the summer, as I remember getting a invitation from a Canadian dealer to see and give feedback on it.

With so much electronics in the cars and high performance engines, they like to finalize all their little test and also gauge customer perception on the car so that they can tweak the final bits on the car as well as the final launch/Marketing strategy

Just look at the killer success with the 335i (5-6 months waiting lists on ordered cars) my local dealer has one on lot (Automatic) no dealer in town has one for the next 5 moths ... all sold.