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Originally Posted by footie View Post
It was sole a suggestion, based on the current economical conditions and how people's opinions have changed to what they look from their cars. Emissions and economy are as important as a high rev limit, the chances of the next M3 revving to over 8000rpm if equipped with forced induction is very slim. Plus Nissan has proven with the GTR that even less than 7000rpm is still acceptable and desirable if packaged correctly.

South is correct, VW have the 1.4TSI engine which does seem to tick a lot of boxes required in today's market. It's light, economical, has low emissions, is quick in stock form 170hp but have a lot of tuning potential (210~250hp) which is a seriously large amount from a 1.4L. I too have heard that others might follow and as yet nothing, but that hardly means 'never'. There was even rumours that the TT-RS would be running such an engine setup only in 2.5L 5cylinder form, don't know if there is any truth in this though.

Mercedes has some interesting technology in the pipeline which seems to give you your cake and be able to eat it. I believe it's a combination of diesel technology in a petrol engine.

One thing is for sure, BMW need to change from their current choice of engine if they want to continue to compete with the others. Audi, Mercedes, Nissan and others are looking at FI again as the best way to achieve the desired results of performance and emissions and if BMW M cars get left behind then that would be a crying shame.


Your comments on Lancia just shows your lack of knowledge on the subject of cars and your ever increasing self importance that if it's not available in SolCal then it's not worth talking about. Really.............. you need to grow up and see the bigger picture.
My lack of knowledge of cars? Ok Footie, I don't know jack because I don't have a boner for Lancia.

Once again, Lancia? LANCIA? You mean rebadged FIAT's?

If Lancia was available in SoCal, I definitely see myself trading the M3 in for the Ypsilon:

Hot stuff... I'm thankful my automobile knowledge is not like yours Footie. You are still my friend though