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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
What's the deal about. We now can enjoy a gret high revving NA V8 in the M3 and when the next iteration is due in 2014 (don't think BMW does change the engine of the current M3) there will be a FI engine that bears not much resemblence to current turbo engines. KERS will make most of the difference. Turbo lag? Gone. Besides that it will for sure be an engine revving higher than the N54 currently does. So what's all the fuss about?
south, I hope you're right because that all sounds pretty good. If things do go down like that, then there might not be much to lament.

However, what about the things discussed in the article? Will the next M5 use the N64-derived motor that is in the "X6 M", as this article claims? If it does, I think there's not really a whole lot of difference than if they were to use the N54 in an M3. Do you disagree? Now of course, it doesn't mean that they will use the N54 as the basis for an M3 engine. That would be jumping to conclusions a little too prematurely. I am just saying that once the M5 goes that route (if it did) it can no longer be argued that BMW will develop unique turbo engines for all their M passenger cars. Maybe people here won't care much about what the M5 is powered by though? Arguably this whole thread is off topic for this board anyway. Maybe. But it would still be tough not to worry how things might come out a few years later if this same philosophy is applied to the M3.