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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Yes, however, everyone I know who has one has gotten them aligned right after delivery and I thought the cars were dialed in quite nice. This is a common issue and has happened a lot in the past due to shifting during transport.
The rear toe-link got weaker during transport??
I understand you like Porsches, I like them too (my 4S is coming for DD) but they have issues quite few in fact. (I am sure Ferrari has some as well)
Just to list a few on the GT3/RS: weak LSD, unstable rear suspension geometry, cooling line separation with complete loss of cooling (has not happened yet on the 997.2 RS according my knowledge but the car is a sitting duck for this) etc.
It is a characterful car and fun on the track (not so much on the road) but the M3 can be just as much fun. Telling the truth I enjoy the M3 or my wife MX-5 more in the wet than the RS. I cannot drift the RS like I can the M3. It is faster and more difficult more challenging car, but challenge is not always what you want on an afternoon after work running out to the track.