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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
now the question is would you rather have a 5 year old gt3 or a new cayman s at the same price point? this is my dilema right now.
I chose the cayman R route, but sometimes wish I would have gone with an older used GT3. The GT3 will still be faster (stock). I just didn't think I was ready for a rear-weight biased car. At this point in my driving learning curve, if I were to do it again, I'd probably look a little harder at the GT3.

That said, I've got some nice go fast goodies on my R now and it is a hoot to drive! I have run down some older GT3s at the track, but that could just be driver skill. Also, I don't feel quite as bad about beating on a Cayman as I would the prestigious GT3.

One more thought, I'd guess if you are driving a GT3, you basically have a target on your back at the track. Much like driving a BMW on the street, people will aim for you to pass and to generally get in your way.