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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
I didn't type up an essay. Most of the post is a copy/paste from that article.

And honestly I will call them up because 11-14% is absolutely ridiculous.

You sound way too blase with your money, imo. If I were you I'd check to make sure that you're really earning a guaranteed 11-14% in your savings account, because if that's true you're making a better return on your money than the top hedge fund managers on earth.

Warren Buffet, for all his expertise, doesn't average that kind of return per year.
I don't know what warren buffet earns and I am damm sure neither do you. His doesn't put his personal tax return out for people to look at. You are right about me not caring too much about my money in investing wise but if you were local, I would show you my last year's 1099-INT from HSBC. It is def. earning 11.5%.