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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Well Lancia found great success with such a setup. But then maybe you know more than the experts.

The latest superchargers are very efficient and such a combination with a turbo would not only reduce lag to a level that it wouldn't be felt at all but allow a smaller/lighter engine to be used, thus improving handling even more.
Ok footie, thanks for bringing up Lancia. Dude, LANCIA, when the hell is the last time I have been to a Lancia dealership? Oh wait, NEVER.

Come on, a supecharger + turbo setup is absolutely stupid and it is a stupid suggestion, period. You need the supercharger, then the turbos, plus all the associated parts, hardware, cooling, plumbing, ridiculousness. I do like that you bring up interesting things, but I think you should leave the engineering choices to the engineers.

Instead of using a supercharger for the low end (depends on the supercharger, tons of variables) higher compression would be better for great throttle response. BMW will, most likely, do a direct injection turbo with higher compression and a high redline with small turbos. Think 335 and X6 V8 twin turbo combined but better, way better.

Freaking Lancia....