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Sorry for going quiet for a bit. Things got pretty hectic in the past two weeks

I've put everything back together after running the car with the serpentine belt off. Couldn't replicate the noise with or without the belt, unfortunately.

I also decided to take the car for a ride and the noise never came back. It's weird. I also had the car on the lift and tried to listen to noises at different rpms, but couldn't hear anything suspicious.

Originally Posted by bmwm3s65 View Post
just from my experience, I am probably totally off but, it sounds very similar to a sound I was experiencing and what some users were describing as pre-detonation in this thread due to being tuned. Is it possible, that the car was tuned when you purchased it? I just had the number 1 rod bearing spin in my engine and the sound was consistent and very specific and different what you posted and I had lots of glitter and metal flakes. Good luck. I hope you find the source of the sound and it's something inexpensive.
Thanks bmwm3s65 for the suggestion to look at the pre-detonation/engine knock issue.
This seems to be a possible cause. Going to try running the highest octane fuel I can find and, maybe, some fuel system cleaner.