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Originally Posted by bgp001 View Post
So I removed the A/C belt last night, compressor pulley has a tiny bit of play in it, don't think it's an issue.
The power steering pulley bearing seemed fine, but something inside the pump was making a weird clicking noise. Not sure if that's normal.
Here's the video (steering pulley first, then A/C compressor):

Hi. I think your A/C and Power Steering are driven off of the same belt (accessory). The other drive belt drives the Alternator and Water pump.

How many miles on your car. I recently had the Power Steering/AC belt go out (see pic below). The pulley looked like it imploded, which I assume took out the belt. I replaced both belts, pulleys, and tensioners and everything sounds a lot better. I think a lot of the clicks and squeals were coming from the pulley system. I have a MPE exhaust and I forgot how clean the induction sound is before I was getting side squeals/clicks that were detracting from it.
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