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Originally Posted by double_j View Post
I don't disagree with the notion of BMW as a business vs. culture, but in order to justify the development work necessary to bump the M's HP (unlike MB where the power increase is practically free), the cost to develop has to be much less than 1.) the potential profit lost to direct competition due to their higher HP numbers (not likely since these are not the high volume variants of their respective models and HP has never been BMWs selling strength anyway) and 2.) the loss of future brand profits due to lower levels of 'brand' loyalty (granted, this second piece is most likely a much lower number than the first).

Unless the 4.0 V8 or the v10 variant will see use in a future BMW model, I highly doubt that the company would be interested in developing it any further. I say nay to a HP bump.
very valid point! that would be a very good reason not to change an engine. this is the first time someone offers a logical reasoning behind the blah blah i heard before

there *could* possibly, but again who the F knows, right?, be a discussion about introducing the next gen engine in this car, and just further develop it or "bore it out" for the next gen. but it's all about engineering and business "opportunity costs". my point was just that 1. who knows? 2. why not

i hear your argument though