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Got a group portrait assignment. Need advice.

So tomorrow is the annual class picture at our place. We'll have approx. 125 students gaggled out in front of the school and the responsibility for the picture has fallen on me since I "own all that nice camera stuff."

I've taken them before, along with other photogs, and they even ended up using one of my images for the final product one year, but this will be the first year I'll be the only lens there. I can't screw this up. I'm thinking the 35mm f2 would work. Wide enough and it produces nice crisp shots. Usually they line up with about 25-30 students across and then four rows up the steps of the school. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, but there won't be direct sunlight (sun is behind the building). Maybe f8 or so? Or should I go smaller? Obviously ISO100. I have my nifty new/old tripod and head, so stability won't be an issue. I'll use my remote for firing the shutter.

Any other advice? Anyone done large group photos before?

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