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Originally Posted by attbimmer View Post
I was considering moving to an F10 M5 soon from my E90, but after driving 550 m sport and the new M6 vert I changed my mind right away. They are just way too big and don't feel anywhere near as sporty and involving.

I agree the panamera is nice (I spent 2 weeks driving through Germany/Switzerland in a S). The interior is very nice, but it is very expensive for the relatively low level of performance you get with the S and going to the turbo or even GTS is a big price jump. Although it was nice at first I quickly got bored with the PDK and was wishing for a manual. The panamera drove smaller than the F10, but still certainly didn't feel small.

Right now the front runner for me is a 991 S. It is a significantly different car from the 997. It has an excellent interior with all the features you'd ever want, feels much more roomy and comfortable than the 997 while being lighter, still has amazing performance with an NA engine and manual trans, sounds great and gets much better mpg. Not wanting to go turbo or auto trans or bigger car there really isn't much else out there that I would give up the E90 for.
If outright sportiness is what u are after, then the F10 M5 is definitely a wrong choice even though i won't say your 550 test drive was a good indicator. The F10 M5 doesn't feel heavy under most driving condition, but its size becomes apparent in tight places. I test drove the 991 C2S and din like it enough over my E92 M3. The sound and interior ergonomics was to me, not up to scratch compared to my M3. I was very disappointed with the C2S as i had high hopes for it before the drive. Having owned the current M3, it gets that much tougher to find a replacement for it. M really have their work cut out for them in the next M3.
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