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No sir. SULEV is abolutely NOT relative. It's all defined here:

And none of these figures - NONE - take into account any of the things I mentioned in my first post.

Zero emissions means zero emissions from *the car*. We don't just get to suddenly redefine *what* is emitting the polutants just because someone builds a car that gets the established number down to zero.

It's really quite basic. Falacial logic, however, can easily complicate the matter to the point where it almost seems like there is something to actually debate here.

Originally Posted by Freakazoid View Post
I don't understand your point here? There's a massive difference between saying light emissions, etc, and saying ZERO.
The problem here in the UK is the ZERO emissions. They're not saying the lowest emissions of any car, they're stating zero.

It's not an agenda, and it's not bunk... what they're saying is completely justifiable.

SULEV, etc are all relative. *zero* is not relative.
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