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yup i have when i was on my gxr-750 i was going down culver with a couple of friends we went first thru the light my front end lifted a little from launching but i didn't pop a wheelie thru the intersection we must have hit around 80 or 90 mph we get to alton to make a left and all of a sudden we are a chirp and police officer saying pull over up there after making the left I was thinking damn... we all fcuked now for sure i have no idea where the bike cop came from cause there was no street opening from that light to the next so i guess he was way back in traffic and saw us fly off the light anyways he sits all 4 of us on the curb with bikes on side people gawckin at us the cop was asking all of us if we had drugs on us and where we live etc etc upon not writing us tickets he said i love these sport bikes may i sit on yours i was like sure why not he was like i used to ride crouch rockets but i'm old now and i want to relax let us go and told us to ride safe cops are pretty chill when you have nice shit most of the time.