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Originally Posted by tinman831 View Post
From the DIY Soft Close Door thread

That looks real painful OP.
Haha thanks for the link. There goes the speculation that it will not close if something is obstructing it! Cause it certainly closed on my thumb!

I wonder if the soft-close function can be disabled. I don't care about me...but what if that happens to my son. I don't think his little fingers could hold up as well as mine. I just sent a message to BMW USA about this.

Originally Posted by five3three View Post
That's just plain nasty.

I do feel your pain though, literally. I did the same a couple of weeks ago by slamming a rental car door on my thumb. It looked just like yours except the blood was trapped and couldnt get out (which is a bad thing).

The next day my thumb started to swell up and was throbbing (barely able to move it) and I went to the Urgent Care where they put a small hole in my nail to let the blood drain out. Oh, in the process I also fractured the tip of my thumb too but that has to heal on its own.

2 weeks later and the hole is now closed up and I am playing the waiting game for the nail to grow and push out the nastiness beneath it, which it has slowly started to do. The fracture is still a little painful but nothing intolerable.

Hopefully you didn't damage it to where the nail has to fall off to regrow. I guess that's the silver lining for me that I escaped that part.

If it is any consolation, I will be counting the days, weeks and months until I have a normal looking finger again as I am sure you will too.

I feel your pain, unfortunately!

I was going to upload an equally painful photo but figured one was enough. The fun diagnoses:

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Wow sorry to hear. But thanks I think between your post and the post below I should go to the ER and get the blood drained so my nail doesn't fall off.

Originally Posted by ShocknAwe View Post
Figure-8 tape that shit. If the nail is not swelling do the following: Anchor end of strip of tape on one side of your thumb (bone near your wrist is ideal), loop up over and down and across the pad, then back up over the joint and secure on the other side. wrap a strip of tape around the thumb on the far side of the joint, then another strip at the tails of the first piece of tape. This will secure and stabilize the joint.

Hope that made sense, feel free to message me if you need help.

If the nail is swelling you need to relieve the pressure ASAP. ER or Urgent care for that typically.
Thanks for the info! I used your figure 8 method and it worked nicely...was able to sleep through the night. I'm now able to move the joint so maybe nothing is busted.
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